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PUBLISHER: Euromonitor International | PRODUCT CODE: 1493907

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PUBLISHER: Euromonitor International | PRODUCT CODE: 1493907

Consumer Values and Behaviour in Hong Kong, China

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This report visually explores everyday habits and behaviours which reflect consumers' beliefs and values, linking behavioural trends with purchase and consumption habits.

Euromonitor's Consumer Values and Behaviour in Hong Kong, China report analyses factors influencing national consumer expenditure. Consumer lifestyles reports include coverage of: population, urban development, home ownership, household profiles, labour, income, consumer and family expenditure, health, education, eating habits, drinking habits, shopping habits, personal grooming, clothing, leisure habits, savings and investments, media, communication, transport and travel and tourism. Use this report to understand the factors influencing a nation's lifestyle choices.

Data coverage: market sizes (historic and forecasts), company shares, brand shares and distribution data.

Why buy this report?

  • Get a detailed picture of the Consumer Values market;
  • Pinpoint growth sectors and identify factors driving change;
  • Understand the competitive environment, the market's major players and leading brands;
  • Use five-year forecasts to assess how the market is predicted to develop.
Product Code: CLHKcv



Consumer values and behaviour in Hong Kong

Hong Kong consumers more likely to take health and safety precautions when leaving home

Gen X more likely to feel under pressure to get things done than Gen Z

Consumers in Hong Kong like to try new products and services

Gen X like to try new products and services

Hong Kong consumers expect to be happier than they are now, in five years

Gen X have the most optimistic outlook for the next five years

At home, consumers connect with friends or family virtually

Safe location remains the most desired home feature in Hong Kong

Hong Kong consumers prefer to dine out at food establishments

Hong Kong consumers claim to be too busy to prepare meals

Millennials distrust their own cooking skills much more than baby boomers

Millennials in Hong Kong more likely to look for healthy ingredients in food and beverages

Younger generations expect to establish their own schedule

High salaries and job security top the list of work priorities in Hong Kong

Most Hongkongers say they have a strict boundary between work and personal life

Consumers more likely to regularly engage in social activities online

Gen X prefers interacting with companions face-to-face

Hong Kong consumers rank relaxation as their top travel consideration

Gen X seek immersion in local culture when on vacation

Hong Kong consumers more likely to participate in running

Gen X more likely to engage in athletic activities at least once a week

Consumers are interested in massages to improve wellbeing

Hong Kong consumers are worried about climate change

Consumers are actively pursuing environmentally-conscious lifestyles, particularly millennials

Gen Z most likely to repair broken items over buying a replacement

Gen Z Hong Kongers most likely to donate to non-profits and causes aligned with their values

Consumers in Hong Kong enjoy discovering good deals

Millennial Hong Kongers enjoy finding deals and more likely to browse without a need to buy

Consumers in Hong Kong look for items that have simple to comprehend labels

Younger generations more likely to regularly seek private label and low-cost products

Most Hong Kong consumers use online streaming services

Experiences ranked least likely to see increased spending by Hong Kong consumers

Millennials more likely to anticipate increased spending on education than any other group

Hong Kong consumers less concerned about their financial situation than the global average

Gen X are most comfortable with their current financial situation

Gen X expect to increase overall spending the most

Consumers in Hong Kong actively manage data sharing and privacy settings

Younger generations much less concerned with cultivating an online brand

Consumers in Hong Kong regularly utilise platforms for communicating digitally

Older g enerations more likely to use a fitness or health tracking app

Older generations more likely to use dating apps in Hong Kong

Hong Kongese consumers unlikely to share or retweet products

Older generations more likely to use social media to provide feedback on products

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